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Classification of paper machine


  According to the different structure of the paper machine, the paper machine can be divided into the type of long network, the type of the circular net, the type of the netting, the type of stacking and the type of the finishing roll.

  A paper machine can be regarded as a linkage consisting of multiple equipment. Usually it can be divided into two parts: the wet part and the cadre. The wet part comprises the approach flow equipment, the Department of network and press: Cadres including drying part, calender and rolls of paper machine.

  After blending, sizing, filling and cleaning after the slurry has features suitable for papermaking, paper machine equipment into the slurry flow in the concentration of 0.3%-1.3%. This paper, through the material distribution and uniform slurry flow distributor and headbox convection slurry, uniform and stable flow to the surface forming motion of the net on the net. The pulp flow is filtered and dehydrated gradually after the Internet near the center line of the chest roll on the net, forming a continuous wet paper. The net case is usually equipped with case roll, vacuum suction tank, volt roll and other molding - dehydrating elements. When the wet paper is dehydrated to a certain degree of dry (usually about 20%), it can be stripped from the net and sent to the press to continue dehydration.

  The press section of a papermaking machine is made up of several groups of roller press. The wet paper is dehydrated by squeezing the blankets and extruded mechanically between the press rolls. In order to maintain the good dehydration performance of the pressed blanket, the pressing upper roll is equipped with a blanket washing device. After the press, the dry degree of wet paper can reach about 40%.

  The wet paper is dehydrated on the paper machine and is usually evaporated and dried by heating. The drying part of a papermaking machine is usually made up of a number of dryers that are heated internally by steam. The drying cylinder is covered with dry blankets (or canvas and dry net). The purpose is to press the paper onto the cylinder surface so as to improve the heat transfer efficiency and improve the surface quality of the paper.

  After drying, a press of 6-8 rolls is usually used to improve the surface quality of the paper.