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Processing flow and precautions of toilet paper


  Before a lot of people want to do toilet paper processing, but know the performance of toilet paper rewinding machine is not very clear, some customers do not understand the work process, for the convenience of everyone on the toilet paper rewinding is a preliminary understanding, now simply tell you about the narrative process of machinery and the matters needing attention:

  A toilet paper rewinder needs one person at most

  According to Hengyuan toilet paper rewinding machine configuration, if the toilet paper rewinding machine is automatic, then the machine basically is no manual, paper is completed after the normal operation can be put to work at his staff. Do not roll paper core, the machine does not require manual operation; do a roll of paper machine needs a core in the replacement of the head part and irons; do with paper tubes such as toilet paper, paper tube machine has automatic function, once put on the big bundle of paper tube without manual, or need a person to put paper in the head tube; if the toilet paper rewinding machine is semi-automatic machine, so there must be a person.

  A strip cutter needs only one person

  From the toilet paper rewinder, the long rolls of paper need to be cut through the band saw and paper cutter to become a common standard small volume in our market, and this process can only be completed by one person.

  The packing requires 2-3 people

  Through the cutting of the band saw cutter, we got the custom standard toilet paper, and the work to do at this time was packing. If the site is large, the packaging time is not limited, so one or more people can be used for packaging. Generally speaking, two or three people can keep up with a full automatic toilet paper rewinder. If the hand is not too much, then the front toilet paper rewinder can stop first, and the staff can pack it after cutting.

  However, when making toilet paper rewinding, it is always random, and safety consciousness is totally ignored. This is very dangerous.

  First, at the entrance to the mouth to arrange the better eyesight of the staff, because the position is closer to the cutter, it is easy to cause accidents.

  Second. The toilet paper rewinder should pay attention to the maintenance and repair on time, and find the abnormal replacement parts in time.

  Third, toilet paper rewinding machine is life, is generally five to seven years of life, Hengyuan production of toilet paper rewinding machine life in ten years, more than life time after elimination.